forest.benchmarking.tomography.generate_process_tomography_experiment(program: pyquil.quil.Program, qubits: List[int], in_basis='pauli') → forest.benchmarking.observable_estimation.ObservablesExperiment

Generate an ObservablesExperiment containing the experiment settings required to characterize a quantum process.

To collect data, try:

from forest.benchmarking.observable_estimation import estimate_observables
results = list(estimate_observables(qc=qc, experiment, num_shots=100_000))
  • program – The program describing the process to tomographize.
  • qubits – The qubits to tomographize.
  • in_basis – A string identifying the input basis. Either “sic” or “pauli”. SIC requires a smaller number of experiment settings to be run.