Project Superoperators

A module containing tools for projecting superoperators to CP, TNI, TP, and physical.

proj_choi_to_completely_positive(choi, …) Projects the Choi representation of a process into the nearest Choi matrix in the space of completely positive maps.
proj_choi_to_trace_non_increasing(choi) Projects the Choi matrix of a process into the space of trace non-increasing maps.
proj_choi_to_trace_preserving(choi) Projects the Choi representation of a process to the closest processes in the space of trace preserving maps.
proj_choi_to_physical(choi, …) Projects the given Choi matrix into the subspace of Completetly Positive and either Trace Perserving (TP) or Trace-Non-Increasing maps.
proj_choi_to_unitary(choi, check_finite) Compute the unitary closest to a quantum process specified by a Choi matrix.