forest.benchmarking.observable_estimation.get_results_by_qubit_groups(results: Iterable[forest.benchmarking.observable_estimation.ExperimentResult], qubit_groups: Sequence[Sequence[int]]) → Dict[Tuple[int, ...], List[forest.benchmarking.observable_estimation.ExperimentResult]]

Organizes ExperimentResults by the group of qubits on which the observable of the result acts.

Each experiment result will be associated with a qubit group key if the observable of the result.setting acts on a subset of the qubits in the group. If the result does not act on a subset of qubits of any given group then the result is ignored.

Note that for groups of qubits which are not pairwise disjoint, one result may be associated to multiple groups.

  • qubit_groups – groups of qubits for which you want the pertinent results.
  • results – ExperimentResults from running an ObservablesExperiment

a dictionary whose keys are individual groups of qubits (as sorted tuples). The corresponding value is the list of experiment results whose observables measure some subset of that qubit group. The result order is maintained within each group.